Rezalution Digital Technology Department is a communication driven technology based department that provides marketing and advertising solutions through digital signage.

DTD provides full consultancy services from design to implementation to full management of any digital signage network.

We strive to deliver your message to viewers through a new Dynamic, Creative and Interactive Media Experience.

Our fully fledged Digital Technology Department Services:

- Consultancy & Customized Solutions.
- Hardware Installation & Integration.
- Content Creation &Management.
- Online & Manual Uploading Support.
- IT / Network Support & Maintenance Update.
- Tailored Software Development & Support.
- Player Surveillance.
- Digital Media Sales Support.

Through your own dedicated channel you will be able to run unique daily programing as well as location specific content scheduling.

Some of its powerful features:

- Allow for a more Dynamic, Effective and Efficient Communication Process.
- Diversity of Content on a Single Channel.
- Satellite Channel Integration. (News, Sports, etc.)
- RSS & Manual Info Feed. (Stocks, FX, News, etc.)
- Broadcast Your Live Corporate Events.
- Cross Sell Your Services&Products Using Video / Audio Ads and specialized shows.
- Scheduled Staff Training & Corporate Announcements.
- Manage Employees Schedules and Shifts.
- Technology Integration Using SMS / Twitter / Queuing Systems.
- Live Prayer Time Announcements.
- Live Weather Updates.
- Generate extra revenue streams by selling advertising airtime on your network.

Some suitable venues for Digital Signage Applications:

- Shopping Malls. - Banks.
- Telecoms. - Hotels.
- Airports. - Hospitals.
- Clubs, Spas & Gyms. - Car Show Rooms.
- Car Rental Agencies. - Universities & Schools.
- Fast Food Menu Boards. - Convenient Stores, Supermarkets, & Hypermarkets.
- Sales Offices. - Exhibition Centers.
- Retail Outlets. - Information Booths.
- Store-Front Windows. - Outdoor Billboards.
- Public Transportation Trains, Taxis, Buses. - Government Service Offices and Chambers.



July 2013

Rezalution proudly enters the religious sector through installing Digital Signage in Al-Jaleel Mosque with live narrow casting of the Imam to the women's section via camera during the Friday khotba and Al Taraweeh in Ramadan.

January 2013

Dallah Al Barakah delighted with a year passing since the first digital signage integration launch using a 65" LED display in their tower lobby.

November 2012

Rezalution & Nestle are working to bring the first digital signage solution to Nestle, Saudi Arabia. Through the use of digital signage the process of communicating with their employees has become more efficient & effective, allowing for a more dynamic communication solution.


Our Clients

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Made great use of digital signage in their head office placed in the cafeteria for internal communication with their employees, keeping them informed with the latest nestle news and info from their several departments. As well as a dedicated sales channel used to keep their sales team up to date with all the latest figures and ensure a more productive and effective performance.


Used digital signage in 71 locations kingdom wide with a total of 120 displays. The channel is designed for internal communication with their staff to keep them informed and educated with the SABB way of work in their Head Office. As well as an external communication channel inform and market their services within their branches.


Introduced digital signage in 64 of their locations kingdom wide using 150 displays of various sizes. Developed for external communication with their customers and included an integrated Qumatic system for an easier customer management.

Saudia Airlines

Digital signage solution was introduced using multiple displays for marketing and communication strategies within their branches. And through the integration of the Qumatic System allowed for an easier management of their customers.


Digital Signage solution covering 21 locations of Du branches with total 80 displays of various sizes, developed for promotional and communication purposes with their customers.

Dallah Al Barakah

A 65" display located in their tower's lobby as weel as four 22" displays placed inside their elevators to ensure communication with their employees throughout the tower.

Masjid Al-Jaleel

Digital signage integration used to educate mosque visitors with ahadeeth and religious info, and through the use of a camera we are able to narrow cast live feed of the imama to the women's section.


Began their digital signage solution in a few branches and rapidly expanded to cover 32 locations kingdom wide. The channel was used for marketing and communication with their customers.


Used digital signage within their tower to help keep all their visitors up to date with all their news and scheduled events.


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Masjid Al-Jaleel Channel Sample


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