The Shelf Screen

The Shelf Screen is a 10.4" LCD screen that is placed right in front of the product, providing the last chance to reach the shopper before they punish or reward brands with their purchase decision.

The Shelf Screens are deployed over a network of 200+ supermarkets across the KSA, penetrating approximately 30 Million shoppers per month.


Benefits of the Shelfscreen are:

- Dominate your category.
- Absolute Last Influence before purchase.
- Attention Grabbing Content.
- Ideal for Branding and Promotions.

Augmented Reality

Now and for the first time ever we are introducing Augmented Reality interactive ads for the in-store environment. AR ads will enhance any in-store activity by engaging shoppers with the brand like never before!

The AR media works when the shopper points his smart phone at the back of the screen using a special App. The still frame will then come to life, and activate exciting custom content and games. The shoppers can also record and post their experience on any social media platform.

Examples of AR ideas to create more shopper engagement and interactivity to any shelf-screen campaign:

- Interactive 3D Games.
- Q&A by linking TVC content playing on shelf-screen with the AG content.
- 3D Product Demo.
- Discounts & Promotions.
- Link your In-Store campaign with your Social Media activities.
- And much more.

AlNahdi Screen

Rezalution and Nahdi partner to launch the Middle East's first Pharmacy digital advertising network in January 2013. The advertising medium consists of 8" high resolution shelf screens. The new medium has experienced tremendous success since the launch of the network. Moreover, the initial research finding indicates THE MEDIUM IS IMPACTFUL IN IMPROVING AD AWARENESS, CHANNEL ASSOCIATION & IMAGE PERCEPTIONS.

The Cashier Screen

Rezalution is proud to introduce the latest media innovation in the market, The Cashier Screen. It is a first of its kind innovation that combines both static and digital mediums in one.

The medium is comprised of a 10"-12" LCD screen with a custom frame that is strategically placed on top of the cashier counter belt targeting shoppers (using visual and audio advertisement) as they check out. This new media vehicle is specifically designed for products that exist at the checkout counter zone. The Cashier Screen is considered the absolute last point of reminder, and thus predicted to revolutionize in-store advertising.

Benefits of the Cashier Screens are:

- Attention grabbing bespoke content.
- Quick content update.
- Ideal for impulse products.
- Dominate the checkout zone.


Cashier Screen Demo


Research and Case-studies

AKAI 2012 Case Study
Main Screen & Shelf Screen Research

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